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Casino Bonus Admin - 13 January 2012

Winning in any betting game has much to do with plain luck. That’s what makes casino games so exciting anyway. Sometimes the probabilities associated with winning are so slim that it’s no longer reasonable view chances in terms of numbers or statistics. When the probabilities become almost irrational, we enter the realm of the absurd, so it’s hardly surprising that craps players still blow their dice (or let other people blow), or that usually, casino players will have all kinds of lucky physical gestures, food or favorite beverage, or maybe a pair of lucky knickers, which, unfortunately for other players in the casino, might be unwashed for days at a time. Thankfully, if you play through an internet casino, there’s no way to figure out if your opponent does indeed smell like a decaying fish.

Although luck has a lot reagarding winning at an online casino, chance isn’t everything. And even though the “house always wins”, there are ways to at the very least minimize the edge, and sometimes, even turn the tides in your favor. The key approach to get you winning at casinos is always to minimize your dependence on luck and follow your set online casino strategy, even if from time to time it causes you to lose. Strategies will always pan out positively in the end. If you’re in it to win it, you should think long-term.

Obvious casino games that call for strategy are a few card games. Poker (Texas Hold’em to be specific) needs no intro, especially since competitions are widely broadcast internationally. Knowledge of statistics surely helps a player concerning banking on specific hands, and this is surely easiest facet of poker strategy to learn-you just need a sound book. The more intuitive side of poker strategy relates to reading your opponents then betting accordingly, and of course preventing your opponents from reading you. Some people are naturally gifted, while some people are really clumsy at it, but the fact of the matter is that practice always leads to improvement. Take note that internet poker is a different experience when it comes to this, and reading opponents involves noting how long it takes for them to make choices and undoubtedly, what they are typing in the chat box.

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Similar to this is video poker, but players must remember that video poker strategy slightly differs from draw poker played with actual cards. There are many authors on the subject matter who claim that when played the right way, video poker actually provides more chances of winning than of losing. Ridiculous? Perhaps. But legitimate sources say otherwise, and the key is to be a sponge towards new info and to be humble enough to study video poker like you’ve never played poker in your life.

Another card game that attracts droves of mathematicians (and regrettably, wannabe geniuses too) is blackjack. The technique of card counting is a contentious method to scoring big at blackjack, and it concerns knowing which cards were already removed from play, then calculating how this affects your probability of getting a powerful hand. There are plenty of legal ways to approach card counting and there are loads of good books on the subject matter. The bottom line is that it is a skill that may be learned and a technique that helps you overcome the house edge.

Those were just a couple of examples of how to beat the house, but also take note that a house which doesn’t play fair at all can never be beaten. When it comes to online casinos, be wary of rogue behavior, such as the use of bots or of rigged software. Always keep updated with the latest online casino news find out what sites are safe websites are safe.

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